swopper SATTEL

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The swopper SATTEL is designed with a special ergonomic saddle-shaped seat. Saddle sitting relieves the back and is intuitively found to be comfortable. The greatest ergonomic advantage of sitting on a saddle seat is the large angle formed between the spine and the thighs, an essential criterion for healthy sitting. The unique advantages of the swopper saddle seat: comfortable saddle sitting combined with ergonomic 3D movement, the tilting automatically follows the individual movements of the sitter.

Its genius lies inits radicality.

Even at first glance you can tell the difference between the swopper and conventional office seats: Its radical design does away with all the conventional comfort features like armrests and headrest which hinder movement and make you ill in the long run. In contrast, thanks to its patented 3D technology the swopper, the world‘s first 3D active seat, supports and encourages movement when sitting with frequent change of position. The benefits are obvious. Quite on the side of the sitter: Away with backache and tension, back to more physical health, feeling good and enhanced performance.

Convincing. Out of conviction.

The swopper is already strengthening the backs of innumerable owners and keeping their muscles fit while sitting. The vertical bounce given by the spring and the flexible sideways movement from the 3D movement element keep your intervertebral discs, ligaments and joints in good shape. The convex seat supports a free and upright posture and prevents pressure points at seat edges. All this stimulates the blood circulation and movement, and simply does you good.